Today we want to present you this video about Veliko Tarnovo. It sums up almost everything you need to know about the city and its historical value and memories. We know it is a bit long, but its perfect to watch it while having a dinner or a short lunch. It has English subtitles. You can gain some good knowledge and preparation about the city, it’s famous places and stories. Then you can plan to visit some of them while here on a training camp or during the competition. Check the website regularly to find the interesting news and stuff somehow connected to EYOC 2018.Read More →

Hello, everyone. Our orienteering sports club Trapezitca 1954 has great experience in organizing quality orienteering events. From 2012 we’ve started a new competiton called Three hills cup. Do you wonder why it is called that way? Actually, Veliko Tarnovo is situated on three main hills – Tsarevets, Trapezitca and Sveta gora(or Holy wood, but not the famous one). “Each year we aim to provide competitiors and teams great orienteering experience, quality courses and terrains.” The competition is one of the first in Bulgaria during the spring season, as we fixed the closest weekend to 22 March. That is because 22nd March is the official celebrationRead More →

Dear friends, We haven’t shared any information with you recently, but we are working hard on the organization of EYOC 2018. This weekend we had a visit from IOF Senior Event Advisor – Nermin Fenmen and we managed to cover the most impotant stuff. Together we discussed the maps, courses, terrains, printing quality, bulletins, partners and many more tasks that follow. We are happy with our progress and everything is going really well. We have the first partners and sponsors, the first official training camp is over and we are preparing the next one in March. See more information here. Also you can check theRead More →