Piotr Rzeńca – I gave up football for orienteering

Piotr Rzeńca – I gave up football for orienteering

We are starting series of interviews with the best Bulgarian athletes who had participated in EYOC and young European athletes that will run next year in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. We want to present them to you with some interesting stories like how they started orienteering or their expectations about EYOC 2018 terrains, next year goals and much more.

Piotr Rzeńca


Orientuś Łódź (Poland)


G.K.: How did you start with orienteering?
P.R.: My adventure with orienteering started thanks to my older brother (multiple EYOC medalist). One day he took me on a training. I liked the quick running with the map, so I gave up football for orienteering.

G.K.: What is your favorite orienteering discipline and why?
P.R.: Sprint distance, I love to run fast and also my ability to do it(running fast)only makes it easier. 

G.K.: When was your first EYOC and how did it go?
P.R.: My first EYOC was held in Poland, one year ago. It was quite good for me, because I was 7th(long) and 9th(sprint). The best part of the competition were the polish spectators cheering on me.

G.K.: What is your best result in EYOC competition?
P.R.: This year’s gold medal on EYOC sprint. 

G.K.: What do you think will be the most challenging part of the terrains planned for EYOC 2018 in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria?
P.R.: I think that challenging terrain on sprint. I saw on the old map that there will be a lot of fences and walls. It means that course setter will be able to make a tricky race.

Clear winner at the sprint distance in Slovakia, 2017, M16

G.K.: What will be the main focus of your preparation for EYOC next year?
P.R.: I will focus on my technical aspect of running and also try to avoid getting an injury.

G.K.: What are your goals for next year?
P.R.: I hope I will be able to fight for top6 in both races.




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