Training camp

Official EYOC 2018 training camps

Important note: When making a bank transfer for the training camps or maps, a bank fee of 15 euro may apply.
This fee has to be covered by the paying organization (federation/club/person)

Training camp #2 – 23-30 March 2018
23-25 March 2018 – Participation in Three hills cup 2018 – same format as EYOC 2018 +
26 – 30 March 2018 – 5 days training camp on available maps near Veliko Tarnovo

Three hills cup 2018 website
See more information about the training camp in March 2018.
     Official training camp program – updated 13.02.2018
Available maps for the training camps

GPS coordinates of maps for training camp

Training camp #3 – 17-22 May 2018
6 days training camp in Veliko Tarnovo
Apply until 10 May 2018 at
Maps: Miikovtci 2 maps, Preobrajenski, Strelbishteto, Ksilifor, Shemshevo – 2 trainings, Asenevtci, Kartala, Triugulnika, Pishmana and Arbanassi.

Training camp #4 – June 2018
Bulgaria cup 2018, Ahtopol (seaside) – participation in event +
4 days training camp on available maps near Veliko Tarnovo

*Separate training camps for teams can be set up at any time from 1 August 2017. The organizer offers the possibility to provide accommodation, food and training. From August 2017 to June 2018 permanent control marks(6x6cm) will be placed in the terrain.

Training opportunities

There are more than 15 different maps and terrains for training within 15 km in Veliko Tarnovo


1. Laser print maps 2 EUR / piece
2. OCAD file 100 EUR / map
Accommodation and meals are arranged individually.

Contact us at for more information!